Electric reciprocating pipe saw


Powerful, robust, handy power tool with force-transmitting guide holder for effortless, fast and right angle sawing everywhere on site, without a vice. Also for universal free-hand sawing. Only 3.0 kg. Ideal for assembly, dismantling, repair.
Ideal for steel pipes and others. Many materials, e.g. wood, wood with nails, pallets, metal, even stainless steel, cast iron, breeze blocks, plaster boards, pumice stone, brick. For materials that are difficult to cut, e.g. stainless steel pipes, hard cast iron, use the REMS Tiger SR with electronic stroke speed control. 

REMS Tiger VE – the saw for the pipe fitter.
Saws effortless, fast, right angle. Vario-electronic. Robust and handy.

Operating instruction Tiger VE (PDF)
Parts list Tiger VE (PDF)



REMS Tiger ANC VE Set 560027 R220
 <br/>REMS Tiger ANC VE Set
 REMS Tiger ANC VE Set


 <br/>REMS Tiger ANC VE drive unit
 <br/>Guiding support up to 2

Guide support up to 4" 563100 R
 <br/>Guide support up to 4

Guide support up to 6" 563200 R
 <br/>Guide support up to 6

Dual purpose holder 543100
 <br/>Dual purpose holder

Protecting cover 563008 R
Protecting cover

Steel case 566051 R
 <br/>Steel case

Accessory: REMS special saw blades

Accessory: REMS universal saw blades

Accessory: REMS saw blades