REMS tile drilling

REMS tile drilling

REMS tile drilling – for dry drilling in all kinds of tiles. Ideal for assembly and renovation.

Diamond tipped dry drilling crowns for fast and clean drilling in all kinds of tiles, e.g. ceramic, fine clay, grnite, marble, etc. No water necessary.
Special wax filling inside the dry drilling crown as a cooling lubricant, becomes liquid when heated and cools the dry drilling crown.
Simple, free-hand starting by drill aid with vacuum fastening. Hexagon connection for ¼” bit holders of all common drilling machines and power drills/screw drivers.
Available sizes Ø: 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14mm




 <br/>REMS tile drilling Set 6-8-10
 <br/>REMS tile drilling Ø 5 mm
 <br/>REMS tile drilling Ø 6 mm
 <br/>REMS tile drilling Ø 8 mm
 <br/>REMS tile drilling Ø 10 mm
 <br/>REMS tile drilling Ø 12 mm
 <br/>REMS tile drilling Ø 14 mm

Accessory: REMS Helix 22 V VE

REMS Helix 22V VE Set 190110 R220
 <br/>REMS Helix 22V VE Set

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