REMS Collum 22 V

Cordless roll grooving machine

REMS Collum 22 V
Powerful cordless roll grooving machine for fast, economical grooving of pipes for pipe coupling systems. For installation, sprinkler lines, commercial heating, industry and mining. For job site and workshop. For battery and corded operation.
Steel pipes DN 25 – 300, 1 – 12", s ≤ 7.2 mm
Stainless steel pipes, copper, aluminium, PVC pipes

REMS Collum 22 V – cordless roll grooving up to 12". Fast and economical feed of the pressure roller with oil-hydraulic pressure cylinder.
Li-Ion battery 21.6 V, 9.0 Ah, for approx. 23 grooves DN 100/4" with one battery charge.

Operating instruction Roll Grooving Attachment (PDF)

Verwendungsübersicht REMS Akku-Werkzeuge-Akkus-Schnellladegeräte-SPV (PDF)

Safety instructions Akkus, Schnellladegeräte, Spannungsversorgungen (PDF)


REMS Collum 22V 347005 R220
 <br/>REMS Collum 22V
 REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V REMS Collum 22V

Accessory: REMS Amigo 22 V

REMS Akku-Amigo drive unit 530004 R22
 <br/>REMS Akku-Amigo drive unit

Accessory: REMS roll grooving attachment

 <br/>Grooving rollers 1 - 1 1/2
 <br/>Grooving rollers 2 - 6
 <br/>Grooving rollers 8 - 12 <br/>Grooving rollers 8 - 12


Battery Li-ion 21.6V 9.0Ah 571583 R22
 <br/>Battery Li-ion 21.6V  9.0Ah
 <br/>Rapid charger Li-Ion 22V  90W
 <br/>Rapid charger Li-Ion 22V  290W
 <br/>Voltage supply 230V/21.6V 70A
 <br/>Power-Pack 22V 9.0Ah/230V 90W
 <br/>Power-Pack 22V 9.0Ah/230V 290W

Stand 849315 R

Wheel stand 849310 R
 <br/>Wheel stand

Accessory: REMS Herkules

REMS Herkules 3B 120120 R
 <br/>REMS Herkules 3B
 <br/>REMS Herkules XL 12

REMS Herkules Y 120130 R
 <br/>REMS Herkules Y